We are delighted to launch our new booklet: The Story of Sex Development. Anyone can map their own sex development using our Story.

This true Story breaks down sex development in small steps. A young person learning about his or her body, or the parents of a little baby with genitals that look different can easily trace development from tiny embryo to birth.  Doctors and healthcare professionals, you can use this booklet too.


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Our First days DSD booklet is available in multiple languages below, click on the filename to download:

Other resources: including our top tips for talking:

Other useful resources:

  • Mumsnet ‘Differences in sex development’ (DSD) – what does it mean? - In this guest post, Kate Davies, Senior Lecturer at London South Bank University and Trustee for the charity and patient support group dsdfamilies, explains what Differences in Sex Development means.
  • dsdteens - Our amazing sister site was designed specifically for children and young people to learn about their bodies. Positively developed with afe appropriate and accurate information, parents can introduce this content to their youngster together, or allow them to access it on their own.
  • Knowing me, knowing you - How does a girl with a Y chromosome manage biology classes at school? Very well thankyou.
  • Meet Mia - A young woman with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome. She talks about finding out about her condition, what gender means to her, and why she is a bit like a flourless chocolate cake.
  • Dealing with DSD - An article from Midwife Magazine 2015, by Julie Griffiths
  • An interview on Radio 4 about Children with a DSD - Listen to the programme for more information on the biological/medical aspects of DSD, and for a perspective from a psychologist and from the father of an affected child. A transcript of the show is also available via this link.
  • 'Amazing you... the story so far' - has been co-written for Sophie, by a parent and a clinician, with input from other parents, adults and healthcare professionals.
  • Polish version of 'Amazing you...the story so far'
  • The American support group AIS/DSD - supports all children, whatever their DSD diagnosis.  Here you find some more information about educating and sharing information with children.
  • FAQ from families by HEA - Parents of children with peno-scrotal hypospadias might find the information and tips on the HEA website helpful. HEA is the American Hypospadias and Epispadias Organisation.